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Make Payment for Student Trips and Formalwear

Indoor Color Guard - TIA Championships - Wildwood 2018

Pay here for Indoor Colorguard Wildwood Trip

$150 per persom for 3+/room occupancy

$210 per person for 1-2/room occupancy

Wildwood Payments
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Make payment here for Formalwear fees for Chamber Singers and Symphony Orchestra

Tuxedo/Gown/Vest fee  $15
Pearls $7
If you are having trouble with this link or would like to use student funds in CHARMS please email

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Pay for lunch at Marple-Newtown Chorale Event

The deadline has passed for payments toward the 2018 Music Trip to Orlando, FL. 

If you would like to request reimburesment of student funds in CHARMS for the trip or other music-related expenses please email