Great Valley Music Parents Association

Supporting Music Programs in Great Valley School District

Current Fundraisers

During each school year, the GVMPA organizes several student fundraisers.  These events are conducted to provide opportunities for music students to earn monies to put towards music department trips and activities.  Funds raised during these events go directly to each student's individual account based on the amount of sales each student generates. 
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ShopWithScrip YEAR-ROUND Fundraiser

GVMPA has a year-round fundraising program to benefit GVMPA and all of our music students.  ShopWithScrip is a gift card purchase program.  You can purchase gift cards at face value from over 700 merchants, and GVMPA and your music student receive a rebate, anywhere from 2-16%!  So, rather than buying fundraising items that you may not particularly want, this program allows you to support your child and GVMPA by using gift cards for some of the things you already buy each month (gas, groceries, clothes, etc).  More information can be found in the Registration User Guide to the right. 

ShopWithScrip Registration User Guide

Please review the Sponsorship letter and Sponsorship categories document for our Corporate Sponsorship program to the right.

A student who procures a corporate sponsorship can earn 30% of the value of the sponsorship in his or her student fundraising account in CHARMS. 

Sponsorship Letter
Corporate Sponsorship Categories